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Jul. 1st, 2009

I have been at pathwest for exactly a year now and I still have no more an idea about what I want to do next than I did a year ago. I do know that I need to keep on working as I have accumalated quite the debt since then (TV, car, HECS etc). But I have a nice fully furnished house, a good social life and my health, so I guess I just keep on plodding along until I figure out what to do next.

Hockey has been an average season, I couldn't work out why because even though we are not winning alot, but that is nothing new. But the last game I played I was a forward for the first time in a while, and I really enjoyed myself, we didn't win but we drew 0-0, which is pretty good seeing as the team we played is second on the ladder and beat us 5-0  the last time we played them. The main thing was that I enjoyed myself and hopefully I will get to play forward a bit more.

I also managed to go on a date recently with ANOTHER Dave, now I'm not sure if guys with that name are just attracted to me, or if I just happen to meet alot of Dave's or if there are just a lot of Dave's in the general population, but I seem to meet and go out with alot of them, this one was the 5th I think. I don't know why I say yes, the date is never that great and it never goes anywhere. This last Dave was nice and kinda cute, has a good job and is a volunteer firefighter, but he was way too touchy for a first date, maybe I'm just getting old fashioned in my older age, but grabbing a girls crotch in a cinema on a first date is not cool! plus he just assumed he would at least be able to sleep on my couch. Whats with that? I had meet this guy once before. I suppose I'm trying to break the Dave curse by finding a nice normal one, but so far, not so good.

Something I am looking forward to is my trip over east in September, I get to see two of my best friends, do some shopping and just get out of perth.

Good movies I've seen lately.
- The hangover, really funny, clever and completely random (5/5)
- The proposal, also funny, but quite formulaic, and you can see that Sandra Bullock has had some work done, but ryan reynolds is gorgous (3/5)
- Year one, kinda typical Jack Black comedy, but Micheal cera adds a nice nerd dead pan humour that appealed to me (3/5)
- Teeth, this is one I caught on foxtel, its about a girl who had teeth in her vagina (which you don't actually see thankfully), but there are many severed penis's in it and that girl seemed to get sexually assaulted alot, but it was definitly different (3.5/5) btw I told some people about it at work and now I'm know as the girl with the weird taste in movies..meh
- Single white female, an older movie that I had never watched before, it was quite gripping and I was seriously creeped out by the end (3.5/5), I told claire if she started copying my waredrobe and my hairstyle..she's out!

I still haven't seen transformers, but its next on the list, and Harry Potter, I saw an awesome preview for that at the movies.

So long

thank god its May

Its been ages since I last posted here. But I'm home, by myself and am a little bored. The last couple of months since I wrote have been quite insane, and there have some things that I would rather just forget.

So not to drag things out, the highlights have been:

- Getting kicked out of my home, and having to move once again. On the upside, my new place is really awesome and even though it is a little more expensive, I love having the extra space and living closer to the city.

- My car was smashed into by a truck, I wasn't hurt, but the derro who was driving tried to tell me it was my fault that he smashed into me, while I wasn't moving, I corrected him. My car is back to normal now,  although it was not great timing as it occured just after we signed the lease to our new place. I managed to get it back the day before I moved, which was lucky.

- My Nan had a stroke, I know that she is old (88 yrs), but it still hard to be reminded of the mortality of your loved ones. She has made a good recovery, although it now sits in the back of my mind that she'll never see me get married or have children of my own, or finally be in my dream job.

- My head was messed around by yet another guy. You think you get to know someone, and every action they make, leads you to believe that you maybe someone special to them, more so than anyone else. But then as usual I'm the fool and end up alone and frustrated by not seeing what a dooshbag they really are. Its sux that I'm always that girl who can't pick out the right guy for herself, it makes me feel so pathetic.

- I'm still working as a lab tech, its not a bad job and I like the people I work with, but with the flu season coming up and with the swine flu that has everyone freaking out, my work life is about to get a little more crazy. I don't want to stay there for too much longer I think, I just don't see myself going anywhere in that place, and if I want to make more of myself than just a lab tech, then I'm going to have to look else where, and lets face it, its not like I have a husband and kids to distract me.

That in summary is why I'm glad its May, I know its just a different month, but I'm using it as a way to wash myself of the last couple of months and start a fresh (the many drinks I consumed on friday night, also assisted in that cleansing).

SO wish me luck with the rest of year.

companion test

This is pretty cool. I knew the doctor would like me best ;p

                        Your result for The Doctor Who Companion Test...
                        </em></p><h3>Sarah Jane</h3><p></p><p style="text-align:center"><img src="http://cdn.okcimg.com/php/load_okc_image.php/images/0x

I love a long weekend

I'm so bummed at the moment about the Kings park fire, I can't believe someone would go and do such a thing and destroy so much beauty. I hope the police find them and make them pay by making them re-plant every single plant that was detroyed because of their actions. That and I'm annoyed they had to close down the road I take to work and it took me an hour and a half to get to work that day.

Work is going alright,  I'm starting to form friendships with people at work, and I went to a girls birthday last weekend. I met some young men that made me look completely un-nerdy, they used abreviations like LARFing and stuff. But I did get some awesome shows for my hard drive, like more true blood (gritty vampire show, set in the deep south of the USA), more Dexter, some classic justice league and other random shows that make me happy.

I also have my new housemate brightbear  who shifted in last weekend, and who I have abandoned this weekend, to spend a few days by herself. I have been introduced to inspector rex, so far, who is pretty darn cute. I also got make her play doh, from my mum's secret recipe, for her facial reconstruction class. So not a bad first week. Although I have discovered since Kate left, I do need to increase some of the kitchenware, so far I got some cheap plate sets from myers and an awesome cereal bowl, but I still need cutlery (cause 3 butter knives doesn't cut it.....pardon the pun.....hehe) and some decent knives (I miss Kate's knives) and a dining table, which I'm looking for today.

Well there is shopping to be done

Oh and happy Australia day to everyone

The new year

The last two weeks have felt like some insane string of events that have lead me to the point of sheer exhaustion. Christmas was the usual feast of me heading down to Mandurah, but this time with Kate in tow. There was carols, the putting up of the tree and many really good meals. Xmas day was spent at an Aunts with the usual drinking and eating, with nothing of great significance happening. I spent a few more days in Mandurah, but had some other friends join me, and we giggled over nothing, drank cocktails and played the longest ever game of trivial pursuit.

I headed back to Perth for new years, and went to Glouster Park for the celebrations. I was asked by a guy that I had been recently seeing and due to the fact nothing else much was going on, I thought I would take a chance and do something different. The night was fun, I saw the horse, applied some of my first aid knowledge to a young lady who fell down some steps and danced until midnight and the fireworks began. My date was nice and fun, but I unfortunatly I discovered we had little in common and that he wasn't really that bright. I could give many examples of this, but needless to say we weren't exactly compatible. Still its the begining of another year and with that comes many possibilities.
Before I had a chance to fully recover from new years eve, I spent the day at the beach with friends and had a bbq at one of their houses, it was the perfect way to recover from the night before, and I felt incredibly relaxed by the end of the day.

The next day was Southbound, and so I packed up some "borrowed" sleeping gear and clothes, and headed south for 2 days of a hot dirty festival...and I loved it! I didn't really catch a lot of the music, the best of which being, The Cat Empire, Franz and The Hives, I was more interested in playing old arcade games, blowing bubbles, listening to open mike in the base camp and playing foo's ball. Camping itself wasn't too bad, I had an air matress and ear plugs that helped alot. The only issue was the toilet facilities that left much to be desired. Oh and finding your tent, at 4am from the toilets, in a sea of tents that all look the same. There was also a beach trip on sat morning that helped clean some of the dust and sweat off. I ended up heading up to Mandurah on Sat night for a shower and the pleasure of sleeping in a bed.

So I'm now back at work and feeling very tired from my 7am start this morning. Kate moves out next Monday and heads off to Canberra, I kinda wish I was going too, just to get out of Perth, but its not the right time. Then the following Weekend I gain my new housemate..so many changes.

Well being the new I need some goals, so here they are:

1) Start going to the gym a few times a week, again.
2) Get a pet of some sort, I would prefer a cat, but thats not always possible with renting.
3) Make some sort of plan for future education
4) edit thesis and plan out papers to be published
5) Go out with at least one guy that isn't a bogan, creep, only wants sex and/or already has a girlfriend.

xmas is looming

You know its xmas next week, and yet it doesn't feel like. Maybe its working full-time or the fact it was pissing down with rain and only 22 degrees the other day, who knows. I have managed some xmas shopping though, mum and dad are both sorted, my favourite present being a nose hair trimmer that I got free with an electric clipper set. I can't wait to give it to dad. The funny thing is that he doesn't really have a nasel or ear hair problem. I got mum some pretty earrings and malc a t-shirt, not sure what else to get him, as one can't buy common sense. I got something really cool for Kate too, but I won't say cause she'll read this, and she'll just have to wait.

I supose one xmas thing I have done is brought a pretty new xmas tree and put it up in the lounge room. I have also been to a couple of xmas things for work and the crs. Both have been pretty good, I got very drunk at the work one, due to the bar tab, and a free lunch at the crs one. Last night however was a house warming at a friends place, where I got covered in blue hair spray, and I discovered that I have a talent for beer pong, but there were some very questionable cocktails served, so I invented the smurf juice cocktail and squashed smurf shooter, easily the best cocktails of the night (even if I do say so myself).

I have one more week at work and then I have 2 weeks off!! during that time I plan on going home and sponging off the parents for a week, and then there is xmas, new years and finally southbound! I think I may need another holiday after this one. This week is going to be long though, I'm learning a new job at work, and its one that requires speed and organisation, so I'm screwed. Well I guess I'll see how I go.


Alas yet another week closer to xmas, although I more excited about the fact that I have 2 WEEKS OFF!!!! with pay.

I have been a bit crazy of late. I feel like a proper social butterfly and have spent the last few weekends catching up with various friends. This weekend however my mum came up to visit me, and took around freo and to a turkish restaurant for lunch. It was funny when it came to the evening though, my mother brought up a air matress to sleep on and A. forgot the pump and B. forgot the plug to stop air from getting out (once we figured out how to get said air in). Luckly I have a friend lent me a pump and air matress, with was good cause I would of eneded up on the couch. It was a good night of pizza, wine and movies in the end.

But to sum up recent events

Things that made me happy:
- finding new housemate
- I no longer have to work friday nights, just thursday nights, but its much better for the social life
- watching adam hills the another night (laughed to the point of tears)
- star trek sneek peak on telly this morning (so excited)
- put nintendo DS on layby as xmas pressie to myself
- pay rise at work with back pay from JULY to come!
- huge amount of tupperware I will have soon, plus vochur so I can buy more!
- catching up with many friends lately
- Grandma gave me a gravy boat today

Things that suck:
-ankle still not quite right
- not exercising enough because of ankle
- uncertantly about future accomodation
- people coming to view my flat in order to buy it, I give evils to anyone I suspect may want to move in

Well the good out numbers the bad, so I guess I'm doing pretty well.

Bruised and battered

I went paintballing with some uni mates this saturday and it was awesome!!!!
I have 11 bruises, although only 3 of them look really impressive, and to quote Daria "those paintball thingys hurt!"
We played a number of games that involved shooting the other team, I like the game that had a general in each team and you won by killing the other general, I killed the general twice, I was so chuffed. We left feeling very sore and  hungry and covered in oily paint, so we went to the pub.

Today I have some darkening bruises and my leg muscles hurt like hell from crouching behind barriers, and my ankle is a bit sore. I didn't really run at all, but sometimes I fell funny while ducking and covering, something that is very important to avoid being shot.

But I can't wait until I go again.
I was out in the city last night until 530am! that's daylight savings time. You want to see something funny and thats a bunch of drunk people trying to figure out what time it is on the day that it becomes daylight savings, and see the confused look on their face when they can't work out if they just passed out for an hour and the time is different. Classic. But I danced and drank until the wee hours of the morning, it was great.

I'm very tired now, so it'll be early to bed tonight, but it was worth a good night out. 

where did the winter go

I know its not entirely hot yet, but I'm feeling the heat. I have unrestful sleep for the last few nights, and in my tired state I set my alarm for pm instead of am, and arrived at work an hour and a half late today. They were cool with it and said not to worry, but I still felt bad. Since the realisation that this job will look good on future scholarship applications for PHD, so it has become more important to me to learn as many techniques as possible so to improve my skills list. I don't think they'll teach me new things if I turn up late and miss learning current things properly *sigh*.

The labs at work are also becoming hotter with the weather and wearing a heavy longed sleaved lab coat doesn't help, it is better than getting someones disgusting sample on me, or hypochloride, but still very hot. I just want to know where are these storms I was promised.

Fun weekend though, I went shopping in ikea (maybe a mistake considering current  finacial situtation), had girly cocktail night with 2 of my favourite girls, and I went go-karting for uncles 50th. On that note I didn't win any races, but I did get a slow kart in the second race, just as I was getting the hang of it too, but fun was had by all and my mum came second! although having seen her drive a normal car, I'm not that suprised.

Time to watch more Dexter



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